Toàn quốc Hà Nội Tuyển Factory manager (Korean) – Code: GK-FM

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    GPO is currently looking for qualified candidates for the position:

    Factory manager (Korean) – Code: GK-FM

    * Location: Ha Noi

    * A new Korean Manufacturing Company

    * Package: 3000 - 4000 USD

    * Job description

    • Construction supervision; preparing operational.
    • Manager works plant floor.
    • Technology project. Build quality processes.
    • Cost control. Build effective project.
    • Guide and construction management team.
    • Reasonably allocate tasks to the workforce.
    • Check build process.
    • Use of materials, equipment purchase and reported to superiors.
    • Working directly with the relevant department.
    • Representing companies work with partners.
    • Job reports and proceed as directed.
    * Job requirements

    • Education: College graduates majoring in architecture or related subjects.
    • Skills: Communicate fluently in English; good leadership skills; outstanding communication and explanation skills; strong relationship building
    • Competences/ Attitude: Problem solving ability & Logical thinking; service oriented & result oriented; high responsible
    • Experience : 3 years experience in similar position; Experience managing investment projects on the Korean factory in Vietnam.
    * Benefit:

    • A professional working environment.
    • Work time: Monday-Saturday
    • Annual / monthly leave : 12 +
    • Evaluate salary increase 2 times / year.
    • Teambuilding, annual travel.
    • Support hotels. Support airfare back home one time during the year.
    * How to apply:

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